Lean UX – First Principles

As a start to my series on Lean UX, here is a presentation that I created and gave at Shaw Media to help explain Lean UX concepts and foundations to the wider Online Experience Team. The presentation is in PowerPoint format, but is rather weighty due to the graphics.

Lean UX Concepts

Make Good Worlds

You Are Not A Gadget by Jaron Lanier

Mr. Lanier’s fine book – this is a must read in my opinion

Just a quick thought here: remember that what we do is to create new spaces for people to explore, new digital worlds for people to exist in. Remember that these are imaginary spaces that we can shape in any way we choose, but that the decisions we make in this regard are not as casual as we may often think.

Consider: if you design a form that requires a person to enter the sum total of their experience and human existence into three lines (“Name, Age, Gender”), what are you saying about humanity?┬áBy asking a person to reduce themselves to three lines of bland data, are you not devaluing that person at the same time? Are you not saying that the massive complexity of a person can be (on some level) reduced to these three meagre data points. Of course, we don’t intend this, but are we inferring it? Read More