Lean UX – Why and How

“Phase 2 is the biggest lie in software development.”

That’s opening line of Josh Seiden’s 2013 book Lean UX. And if you’ve spent more than ten minutes in the web and software business, you know the truth of that statement. So often, UX designers work hard to create a fully functional, achingly cool interaction design only to have the developer, or worse, the client come along and tell you that they aren’t going to build it or pay for it in “phase 1”. The thought is that we will come back and polish things up in phase 2, but phase 2 never seems to come.

Sound familiar? It’s not anyone’s fault, really. It’s just that the software and web businesses function on tight timelines and almost non-existent budgets, so often the finer points of interface and interaction design are lost in the charge to deliver the product to market, by any means necessary. Read More