iBooks and The Best User Interface Ever

I gave long maintained (with more than a slight hint of irony) that “The Best User Interface Ever Invented” is the book. That’s right, just the humble book. To be clear, I am not referring to The Book (or any Book that might be considered of religious significance). I just mean a plain old paperback novel, or a coffee table showpiece, or anything in between, regardless of content.

I know – it’s not even on a computer, how can it be in the running for “The Best Interface Ever”. Simple – it’s tried and true, and it works so well that after a very short while you don’t even know it’s there. Obviously, I am using a pretty broad definition of interface here, but bear with me. Books convey information and ideas in a way that was revolutionary when they started, and evolved reasonably quickly into something so slim and elegant, so suitable to it’s intended purpose, that it has eluded competition ever since. I mean, scrolls are great, but they aren’t exactly handy, are they? Can you think of anything else that does what a book does half as well? Read More